Slow Worm

Slow Worm

Scientific Name: Anguis Fragilis

Group: Snakes

Colour: Black, Brown, Tan, Yellow, Grey

Life Span: 10 - 30 years

Predator: Cats, Dogs, Birds

Prey: Insects, Slugs, Worms

Size (L): 20cm - 50cm (8in - 20in)

Weight: 20g - 100g (0.7oz - 3.5oz)

Top Speed: 0.5km/h (0.3mph)

Habitat: Grassland and woodlands

The slow worm is a long species of legless lizard found throughout Europe and in parts of Asia, that is often mistaken for a snake due to it's appearance.
The slow worm inhabits warm, moist and shaded areas across the European continent and is also commonly found in gardens throughout the United Kingdom, as well as meadows and farmland.
Despite it's snake-like appearance, the slow worm is in fact a lizard but without legs and instead uses the muscles in it's body to move itself around. Slow worms have smooth and shiny skin and a small head in comparison to their body.
As with other reptiles, the slow worm has a forked tongue which it uses to sense smells in the air. Slow worms also have eyelids which is the main indicator between lizards and snakes (as snakes are commonly known to not have eyelids but lizards do). The slow worm is a carnivorous animal meaning that the slow worm only feeds on other animals in order to survive. Slow worms primarily feed on small, slow-moving animals like worms, slugs and snails as well as insects, spiders and other invertebrates.
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