River Turtle

River Turtle

Scientific Name: Emydidae

Group: Turtles

Colour: Green, Brown, Black, Yellow

Life Span: 10-30 years

Predator: Fox, Dog, Human

Prey: Aquatic Plants, Fruits, Fish, Molluscs

Size: 20-60cm (7.8-23.6in)

Weight: 0.5-8kg (1.1-18lbs)

Top Speed: 4km/h (2.4mph)

Habitat: Slow-moving rivers, streams and ponds

River turtles are found inhabiting freshwater environments all around the world from slow-moving rivers and streams to the calmer waters of ponds and lakes. There are numerous different species of river turtle found around the world many of which are sadly considered to be endangered species today.
The Mary River turtle is the most commonly known species of river turtle as they are the most popular freshwater turtles to keep as pets often in artificial aquariums or outside in ponds. The Mary River turtle is native to the Mary River found in Queensland, Australia and was once shipped to pet shops all over the world in the thousands as people liked them due to their small size.
The yellow-spotted river turtle is one of the largest species of river turtle found in South America. The yellow-spotted river turtle is found in the large lakes and tributaries of the Amazon Basin and are easily identified by the yellow spots (hence the name) on the side of their heads. The yellow spots of the yellow-spotted river turtle are much brighter in the younger individuals and tend to fade in brightness as the yellow-spotted river turtle matures.
There are a number of river turtle species that share the name of the giant river river turtle.

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