Scientific Name: Procyon Lotor

Group: Rodents

Colour: Grey, Black, White, Brown

Life Span: 12-16 years

Predator: Bobcat, Foxes, Wolves, Mountain Lions

Prey: Fish, Nuts, Berries, Corn

Group: Mammal

Size: 41-71cm (16-28in)

Weight: 3.5-9kg (7.7-19.8lbs)

Top Speed: 24km/h (15mph)

Habitat: Woodland areas close to water

The raccoon is a medium sized bear-like mammal that was originally only found in North America. Due to the deliberate introduction of the raccoon into other countries, the common raccoon can also be found now in Europe and Japan.
The average raccoon is around 70 cm from the raccoons nose to the tip of the raccoons tail. A fully grown raccoon can weigh up to 10kg and can live for up to 20 years in captivity. Raccoons in the wild however, tend to have a much lower life expectancy.
The raccoon originally inhabited densely wooded areas and large forests but today the raccoon has adapted to living in mountainous and wetter habitats. The raccoon has also moved closer to human communities as the raccoons are able to find food very easily but many homeowners consider them to be pests.
Raccoons are grey, omnivorous animals surviving on a diet consisting of insects, plants and small animals such as fish and the occasional bird. Raccoons tend to be nocturnal but it is not uncommon to spot a raccoon during the day.

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