Scientific Name: Dasyurus Viverrinus

Group: Rodents

Colour: Black, Brown, White, Grey, Tan

Life Span: 3-6 years

Predator: Human, Snakes, Crocodiles

Prey: Fruit, Nuts, Small animals and reptiles

Group: Marsupial

Size: 35-75cm (14-29.5in)

Weight: 1.3-7kg (3-15.4lbs)

Top Speed: 24km/h (15mph)

The quoll is a medium-sized marsupial, natively found in parts of Australia, Papua New Guinea and Tasmania. The quoll is often known as the native cat, due to the cat-like appearance of the quoll.
Quolls are found occupying woodland, shrubland and grassy habitats across Australia and New Guinea. Although quolls have been seen climbing trees, the quoll tends to live life on the ground.
The quoll is a nocturnal animal meaning that it spends the nights hunting and the daytimes hours resting. Unlike many other nocturnal mammals, the quoll enjoys to spend the sunlit days basking in the heat rather than hiding in a crevice or underground.
There are six different species of quoll, found across Papua New guinea and Australia. The Bronze quoll and the New Guinean quoll are natively found on the tropical island of Papua New Guinea. The Western quoll, the Northern quoll and the Tiger quoll are all natively found on the Australian mainland. Although the Eastern quoll was originally found on the Australian mainland, they are more commonly found on the island Tasmania.

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