Scientific Name: Helogale Parvula

Group: Rodents

Colour: Tan, Brown, Grey

Life Span: 10-15 years

Predator: Hawks, Snakes, Jackal

Prey: Rats, Eggs, Insects

Group: Mammal

Size: 18-120cm (7-47in)

Weight: 0.3-4kg (0.7-8.8lbs)

Top Speed: 32km/h (20mph)

Habitat: Open forests and grass plains

The mongoose is a small rodent-like mammal, the mongoose is similar in appearance to the meerkat and the weasel. Mongoose are naturally found in Asia, Africa and parts of Europe but the mongoose has also been artificially introduced to the Caribbean in more recent times.
The mongoose is an omnivore, meaning that mongoose eat both plants and animals. The mongoose in Africa has caught the attention of humans, as they appear to be almost immune the poison of a snake.
The mongoose is slightly lighter than the weasel, meaning that the mongoose is able to avert danger more readily than a weasel as a mongoose is able to see oncoming predators with greater ease.
There are thought to be around 30 different species of mongoose, some of which will only fend for themselves while other species of mongoose work together as a team. The different species of mongoose also vary in size ranging from less than 1 foot to nearly three foot in height.
Many species of mongoose have adapted to their particular habitat as some species of mongoose are found to live in the tops of trees where other species of mongoose have adapted to living partially in the water. A number of mongoose species are also known to have patterned fur or ringed tails, this however is not the case with every species of mongoose.

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