Scientific Name: Actinidia Deliciosa

Group: Birds

Colour: Brown, Grey, White

Life Span: 8 - 12 years

Location: New Zealandn, Australia

Predator: Foxes, Dogs, Cats

Prey: Worms, Spiders, Insects, Fruit

Size (H): 25cm - 45cm (9.8in - 17in)

Weight: 1.3kg - 3.3kg (2.6lbs - 7.3lbs)

Top Speed: 19km/h (12mph)

Habitat: Forests and dense woodland

The kiwi is a brown, fuzzy, flightless bird native to the forests and jungles of New Zealand. In recent years the kiwi has become endangered, mainly due to introduced predators like dogs, cats, rats, ferrets and weasels which hunt the kiwi and eat it's eggs. The kiwi is almost helpless against these exotic threats and there are many support organizations for kiwis which run conservation projects to try and protect the remaining kiwi population. The largest of these kiwi conservation projects is run by the Bank of New Zealand.
There are many different species of kiwi, but all of them can only be found inhabiting the forests of New Zealand. It is believed that the incredible diversity of this island nation is due to its early separation from Australia and the rest of the continents, millions of years ago, by way of tectonic plate shifting.
The kiwi is the national bird and icon of New Zealand. In fact, the native people of New Zealand are often also called Kiwis. The kiwi also appears on many flags and symbols across the islands.
The eggs of the kiwi weigh about one pound which is 450g. The beak of the kiwi is about the size of one third of the kiwi's body. The kiwi uses it's long beak to rummage through the foliage on the ground in search of food.

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