Indian Star Tortoise

Indian Star Tortoise

Scientific Name: Geochelone Elegans

Group: Turtles

Colour: Green, Black, Brown, Tan, Yellow

Life Span: 30 - 80 years

Location: Indian

Predator: Birds, Reptiles, Humans

Prey: Grasses, Fruits, Flowers

Size (L): 20cm - 30cm (8in - 12in)

Weight: 1.3kg - 2.2kg (3lbs - 4.9lbs)

Top Speed: 0.5km/h (0.3mph)

Habitat: Dry scrub forest

The Indian star tortoise is a medium sized species of tortoise found in the dry and arid forests of both Indian and Sri Lanka. The Indian star tortoise is named for the star-like patterns on it's high-domed shell which are distinctive to both species of star tortoise (the other being the critically endangered Burmese star tortoise, found in the deciduous forests of Burma). As it's name suggests the Indian star tortoise is found across the Indian sub-continent, more specifically, the Indian star tortoise is found in the central and Southern parts of India, in West Pakistan and in Sri Lanka. The Indian star tortoise is most commonly found in semi-arid scrub forest, along with thorny and grassland habitats, where there is plenty of vegetation both to hide in and munch on.
Due to the very distinctively marked, and highly rounded shell of the Indian star tortoise, this species of tortoise has become a popular pet in the world's exotic pet trade. Indian star tortoises are of a medium size, with the average adult rarely growing to more than 30 cm in length. The protective shell of the Indian star tortoise also acts in the same to the shells of other tortoise species, allowing the Indian star tortoise to draw it's vulnerable head and limbs into it's shell for protection.

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