Golden Oriole

Golden Oriole

Scientific Name: Oriolus oriolus

Group: Birds

Colour: Yellow, Black, Green, Brown

Life Span: 8 - 12 years

Location: Across Europe and Asia

Predator: Eagles, Storks, Raptors

Prey: Insects, Fruit, Seeds

Size (H): 20cm - 24cm (7.8in - 9.4in)

Weight: 15g - 20g (0.5oz - 0.7oz)

Top Speed: 42kph (26mph)

Habitat: Woodlands and open forests

Fun Fact: Migrates between Europe and Asia! 

Golden Oriole Classification and Evolution
The Golden Oriole (also known as the Eurasian Oriole), is a small species of Bird found throughout Europe and western Asia. The Golden Oriole's name is thought to have arisen during the 18th century after the classical Latin word meaning gold. Although almost indistinguishable in appearance, some believe that the Golden Orioles found in Europe, are actually a separate sub-species to those found in Asia. They are also known to be the only member of the Oriole family that breeds in the more temperate regions of the northern hemisphere.

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