Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin

Scientific Name: Leontopithecus Rosalia

Group: Monkeys

Colour: Gold, Orange, Black, Brown

Life Span: 8-15 years

Predator: Hawks, Wild Cats, Snakes, Rats

Prey: Fruit, Insects, Small Mammals, Small Reptiles

Size: 20-33.5cm (13.2-8in)

Weight: 550-700g (19-25oz)

Top Speed: 40km/h (24mph

Habitat: Lowland tropical forest

The golden lion tamarin is a small monkey native to the eastern rainforests of Brazil. The golden lion tamarin is today considered an endangered species as there are estimated to be around 1,000 golden lion tamarin individuals left in the wild.
Golden lion tamarins are best known for their bright fur which (as the name suggests) is golden and orange in colour. The golden lion tamarin is one of the smallest primates in the world with the average golden lion tamarin adult growing to just 20cm tall! The golden lion tamarin also has an incredibly long tail which is often longer than the golden lion tamarin's body. Despite the long length of the golden lion tamarin's tail, it is not prehensile which means that the golden lion tamarin cannot use it's tail to grab onto trees and hold on.
The golden lion tamarin leads and arboreal existence meaning that the golden lion tamarin spends the majority of it's life inhabiting and moving around in the trees. The golden lion tamarin has sharp nails that are almost claw-like in appearance which helps the golden lion tamarin to move around in and climb the trees more easily. The paws and tail of the golden lion tamarin are often slightly black in colour.
The golden lion tamarin is an omnivorous animal so the golden lion tamarin feasts on a mixture of plants and animals. The golden lion tamarin eats sweet fruits, berries, leaves, insects and small mammals and reptiles that coexist in the tree tops.

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