Geoffroys Tamarin

Geoffroys Tamarin

Scientific Name: Saguinus Geoffroyi

Group: Monkeys

Colour: Grey, Black, White, Brown

Life Span: 8 - 15 years

Location: South America

Predator: Hawks, Snakes, Wild Cats

Prey: Fruit, Insects, Rodents

Size (L): 18cm - 30cm (7in - 12in)

Weight: 220g - 900g (7.7oz - 32oz)

Top Speed: 40km/h (24mph)

Habitat: Lowland tropical forest

The Geoffroy's tamarin is a small species of monkey found in the forests of South America. The Geoffroy's tamarin is also known as the Red-crested tamarin or the Rufous-naped tamarin, and is thought to be closely related to the cottontop tamarin.
The Geoffroy's tamarin is found in the tropical forests of Panama and Colombia in South America, where the Geoffroy's tamarin spends the majority of it's life in the trees. The Geoffroy's tamarin is more commonly found on the Pacific coast rather than the Atlantic.
The Geoffroy's tamarin has has a very distinctive "v" shape mark on it's head and has no fur on it's face. The Geoffroy's tamarin is highly territorial and is known to make numerous different calls and threats to approaching danger in the surrounding forest.
The Geoffroy's tamarin is a diurnal primate which means that the Geoffroy's tamarin is most active during the day and rests in the safety of the tree tops during the night. Geoffroy's tamarins are very sociable animals and inhabit their territory with their rest of the Geoffroy's tamarin troop which generally have between 3 and 9 members. Geoffroy's tamarin troops are led by the eldest female and have predominantly male members.
The Geoffroy's tamarin is an omnivorous animal meaning that the Geoffroy's tamarin hunts both plants and other animals in order to survive. Fruits, insects and green plants make up the majority of the Geoffroy's tamarin's diet along with small rodents and reptiles, eggs and tree sap.

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