Fire-Bellied Toad

Fire-Bellied Toad

Scientific Name: Bombina

Group: Amphibians

Colour: Black, Green, Grey, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Red

Life Span: 10 - 15 years

Predator: Foxes, Snakes, Birds

Prey: Insects, Worms, Spiders

​Group: Amphibian

Size (L): 4cm - 7cm (1.5in - 3in)

Weight: 20g - 80g (0.7oz - 2.8oz)

Top Speed: 8km/h (5mph)

Habitat: Forests, jungle and marshes

The fire-bellied toad is small to medium-sized species of toad that is found naturally across mainland Europe and northern and central Asia. The fire-bellied toad is most commonly known for the brightly-coloured markings on its body, which are predominantly found on the underside of the fire-bellied toad.
The fire-bellied toad is found close to water in a variety of different habitats. Forest, woodland, temperate rainforests, marshlands, swamps and even farmland, often provides the perfect home for the fire-bellied toad. The fire-bellied toad also spends a great deal of time in water from tiny freshwater, mountain streams to large slow-flowing rivers and lakes.
There are eight different species of fire-bellied toad found throughout Europe and Asia. Despite varying slightly in size and colour, the different species of fire-bellied toad all look fairly similar having bumpy skin, webbed toes and eyes on the top of their heads. The different species of fire-bellied toad of so similar that two in particular are able to interbreed and produce fertile offspring.
The skin colour of the fire-bellied toad depends on the species but can range from brown to yellow, to green, to orange and even white. The skin of the fire-bellied toad is known to be toxic to some animals including humans.

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