Scientific Name: Melopsittacus Undulatus

Group: Birds

Colour: Black, White, Grey, Green, Blue, Yellow

Life Span: 5 – 10 years (Adult, In captivity)

Location: Australia

Predator: Human, Snakes, Large Birds

Prey: Fruit, Insects, Berries

Size (H): 15cm - 20cm (5.9in - 7.8in)

Weight: 30g - 40g (1oz - 1.4oz)

Habitat: Open woodland and grassland near water

The budgerigar is a small colourful bird native to Australia. The budgerigar is thought to be a sub-species of parrot, making the budgerigar one of the smallest parrot species in the world.
The budgerigar is often called a parakeet or a budgie and the budgie is one of the most popular birds to keep as pets, both in outside aviaries and in cages in homes. Budgerigars are thought to be popular pets due to their small size and brightly coloured feathers.
The budgerigar is a very sociable bird and budgies can been seen gathering in large flocks in trees and scrub land in the Australian wilderness. Pet budgerigars should always be kept at least with one other budgerigar to prevent them from getting lonely. The wild budgerigar tends to feed on grass seeds and occasional insects.
Budgies are known to be very easy animals to sex. Male budgies and female budgies can be identified by the colour of their nose. The male budgerigar has a blue nose while the female budgie's nose is brown in colour.

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